Weekend Messages

Our vision is to be “A Healing Place for a Hurting World.” We believe the best way we express this is by gathering together, growing in God’s Word, and going out into the community to serve.

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Authentic Prayer


It's the start of a new year - which means its the time to make resolutions, set goals, and commit to being better than ever before. At least, that’s the plan. Everyone knows the struggle of sticking to a commitment for the long-term, even when it comes to serious things like prayer and spending time in God’s Word. However, what if this year was different? What if this year we had an experience in God’s presence that was so real, so alive, so life-changing, that we found ourselves dedicated to His presence like never before? Join us this January as we study the Lord’s prayer. Our desire is that each of us will learn to pray just like Jesus did: consistently, intimately, and powerfully. This year, make a resolution to get to know OUR FATHER.



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